Editing Services

The best place to start is with developmental – or content – editing. This looks at the big structure of telling a story. You don’t want to bypass this critical step. After writing, reading, editing, and revising your own work – writers simply reach a point where we can’t evaluate our own material. Before you pay a copyeditor to do that final pass or the proofreader to complete a penultimate polish – you need to make sure there are no holes in your story. No continuity errors, missing links, or plot bunnies.

That’s where I come in.

I read your manuscript, offer thoughts, make comments, etc. You get your digital manuscript returned with annotations using track changes, as well as a summary of your story as it progresses from beginning, through middle, to end in an editorial report.

Editing is critical. We all need it – and it shouldn’t cost a fortune. You can make it happen.

The more eyes that review our work, the best it becomes. Readers who also know a little about story structure, scenes and sequels, acts and character arcs, are more likely to be able to pinpoint what doesn’t work, a reason for why it fails, and possibly some suggestions for improvement. In order to get the most from the experience, you want to submit the cleanest copy of your manuscript as possible.

Want to talk about editing? Send me an email: isinglasspress@yahoo.com and we’ll discuss your project.